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You told Idaho Legislators: The 97% Believe Education is Our Future

Hundreds of Idaho 97 supporters wrote thousands of letters to Idaho lawmakers between April 21-May 5, 2021, reminding them that education prepares young Idahoans for a diverse democracy.

Here's what you told them: 

I am very concerned about the direction the legislature has taken toward education in our state this year. Our schools - at all levels - are the heart of our communities and the lies that are being told about teachers and professors are hurting our communities. 

Please think about the teachers and students you know. How are they being harmed by the hateful rhetoric coming out of the legislature and by the threats to school funding.


I urge you to vote carefully on the following education bills as the session comes to an end: 


  • Higher education: Please SUPPORT the ENTIRE college/university budget, as originally approved in JFAC, without any language dictating what students and teachers discuss in the classroom.

  • K-12: Please SUPPORT the $1.1 billion public school budget for Idaho teacher salaries, with full support for teachers’ first amendment rights in the classroom. Push back against false attacks against Idaho teachers in floor debate. 

  • Early Childhood: SUPPORT SB1193, a federally funded grant for early childhood education providers across Idaho so that parents have a choice and young Idahoans have a chance. 

  • Health and Welfare: SUPPORT federal COVID relief spending for frontline childcare centers across the state, through the Division of Welfare budget.

Please stand up for common sense and against bullying tactics and disinformation by supporting education.

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