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Top 10 Idaho 97 Wins of 2022

Voter to Voter Outreach

Idaho 97 volunteers contacted nearly 45K unaffiliated voters before the primary.

We went door to door. We made calls. We sent text messages. We protected the Secretary of State's office from agents of election denial and voter suppression.

Voter Guide

Idaho 97 volunteers came together to do the research to for our primary voter guide.

Regular citizens from all walks of life used the Idaho 97 voter guide because it was made by Idaho Citizens, not out of state special interests.

We Went to Pride

Idaho 97 made sure their coalition of partners against hate showed up for Pride.

We called our community partners, businesses, faith leaders and more to have important conversations about why we need to show up for our LGBTQ+ community in the face of hate.

We Canceled the IFF

Idaho 97 called out the IFF on their lies and pushed for accountability from the community.

The Basque Center canceled the IFF anti-education event because citizens made it clear we don't want people destroying public schools in our communities.


We called FORMER Rep. Dorothy Moon out on her CRT lies.

Dorothy Moon was UNABLE to provide evidence of CRT in pre-schools after public information requests. Come to think of it, we still haven't seen evidence of CRT in any Idaho school.

We Followed the Money

We submitted a lot of complaints to the Idaho Secretary of State.

Outgoing SOS might not have done anything to protect Idahoans from fake businesses and dark money, but we are hopeful the one we helped to get elected will in 2023.

We fought for public health AGAIN

We submitted complaints to the Idaho Board of Medicine.

Dr. Cole is still on the Central District Health Board, but that isn't going to stop us from continuing the pursuit of accountability.

We Worked Together

Idaho 97 supporters volunteered for qualified candidates.

Idahoans came together to protect important state offices from extreme candidates like Janice McGeachin, Priscilla Giddings, and Dorothy Moon.

We Celebrated Accountability

Idaho 97 kept up the pressure to investigate lies and crimes in the state legislature, including demanding accountability for a convicted rapist and all those who vilified Jane Doe.

Former Rep. Aaron Von Ehlinger was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for the rape of a legislative intern.

We showed up for women.

Idaho 97 supporters support freedom and choice.

Idahoans from all political parties, religions, and walks of life showed up for women who have been impacted by Idaho's deadly and dangerous abortion laws.

We envisioned the future of our state, together

Idaho 97 has its eye on a positive future for our state, where real freedoms are celebrated, where people celebrate local public schools and community colleges and where communities build each other up!

And we are going to do even more in 2023, with your help. Let's make 2023 the year of accountability for far-right extremists in our state! See you out there.

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