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The Idaho 97 Education Fund launched

Back to school, for Idaho education and for The Idaho 97

Facade of the West Bonner County School District offices in Priest River

It’s back to school in Idaho and back to school for the Idaho 97 Project, with a major announcement: We have spent the last few months forming the Idaho 97 Education Fund, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. While our mission remains unchanged – we will continue to fight extremism and political violence across the state with all our hearts and minds – our focus will expand to bringing educational resources and public action to all Idaho communities. You can expect to see us out and about more, bringing you more tools that you can use in your community to defend your schools, your libraries, and your absolute right to courageously voice your opinion! Being a non-profit organization means we are able to apply for more funding opportunities and it also means your support is now tax deductible… so check out our refreshed website and consider a contribution today.

Now, let's get back to school.

West Bonner School District families fight back

West Bonner School District patrons overwhelmingly RECALLED two extremist trustees last week, proving yet again that rural Idaho communities care about their children’s schools and will fight to save them. At issue, as we’ve seen time and again: Far-right extremists took over a local school board, installed a carpetbagging stooge as school superintendent, put the local district in jeopardy, and laughed themselves all the way to the bank. Except they badly misjudged the Real School Moms of Priest River, who showed up in force to oust Chair Keith Rutledge and vice chair Susan Brown. So how did they win? (hint, a lot of it was moms working very hard)

  • Called their neighbors, friends, and families.

  • They asked experts to guide them through the recall process.

  • Few meetings, all action.

  • Well advertised recall petition locations.

  • Consistent community messaging.

  • Major stakeholders came out in support, they were unafraid, together.

  • Voter to voter outreach.

That’s how it’s done folks! If your community needs action like this, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support to get started.

UPDATE: On Friday night, a coup attempt by erstwhile WBSD Super Branden “The Worst” Durst failed miserably when two district patrons obtained a RESTRAINING ORDER against the district and the sketchily arranged board meeting was summarily canceled. Parents who supported the recall erupted in CHEERS. The FORCE is strong in West Bonner County folks.

Tweet from Kevin Richer on Idaho Education, click to read

Nampa School District Complaint

Hey. Nampa. Leave those kids alone: The ACLU has filed a complaint against the Nampa School District over a new, restrictive dress code that discriminates against Latino students - who make up 40% of the student body. See full ACLU report, including investigation into other Idaho schools: “Proud to be Brown: Punishing Latine Culture in Idaho Schools.

North Idaho College

The extremist-infiltrated North Idaho College board is up to its self-dealing shenanigans again. This week they hired a new lawyer – Ammon Bundy supporter Colton Boyles – yielding an excellent headline in the Spokesman-Review:

North Idaho College hires attorney with extremist ties who scored lowest on board assessment

Follow @save_nic on Twitter (X?) for North Idaho College updates.

Propublica/Statesman study

Idaho ranks last in the country for school infrastructure spending and as we know, communities struggle to get school bonds passed every election cycle. You can help The Idaho Statesman and Propublica investigate the condition of Idaho schools. Send photos or videos of conditions in your school that you consider distracting, unsafe or otherwise challenging for students and staff, such as:

  • The thermostat when it’s hot in your classroom

  • Water leaking from the ceiling or roof

  • Cracks in the walls. Unsafe parking lots, street crossings, etc.

  • Exposed wiring or electrical concerns

  • Inaccessible infrastructure or design

  • Failing plumbing or collapsing pipes

  • Brown or discolored water

  • Aging, deteriorating roofs

  • Exposed and crumbling or disturbed asbestos

And then send us pics of the joy that your community school sparks!

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