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Tell Ada County Commissioners: No Extremist Sheriff here!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

From June 23-July 2, almost 450 of you warned the Ada County commissioners about this dangerous nomination for Ada County Sheriff... and the campaign worked. Commissioners voted 2-1 for a better candidate. Congrats, 97%ers! See below for text of the petition.

Petition to Ada County Commissioners

I urge you to immediately end consideration of Doug Traubel for Ada County sheriff. Traubel is an outspoken member of the so-called "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association," a radical group that believes county sheriffs have unlimited power -- a far-right philosophy that has absolutely no constitutional basis.
Traubel, a former California police officer, has promised to bring the CSPOA philosophy to Idaho. But Ada County does not need that kind of ideological law enforcement. We don't need a sheriff who is only interested in picking fights with the wonderful cities of Ada County or with federal authorities. We need a sheriff who will focus on public safety, the quality of life of every Ada County resident, fiscal responsibility, and protecting democracy and the democratic process.
You can learn more about Traubel's extremist beliefs in this widely shared video: (see video above)
We hope you make a great choice for the next Ada County sheriff -- this is an elected position and we are trusting you to appoint someone who represents our interests, not special interests.
Thank you for your service to our county.

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