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Success: Stop voter suppression bills at #idleg

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

SUCCESS! Almost 700 of you helped stop a slew of voter suppression bills during the 2022 Idaho legislative session. As of March 18:

  • HB 439: A change to the unaffiliated voter deadline. It appears that this bill will be held in committee and won’t receive a hearing.

  • HB 693/SB1376: Bans absentee ballot dropboxes. We have received positive indications that the House bill will not be heard, and the Senate bill has been killed in committee. We believe the issue is dead for this session.

  • SB 1375: Oppressive Voter Identification Bill. Stopped in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

  • HB 761: #DishonestDot’s 3rd attempt at voter suppression bill (formerly HB 692). We’ve been part of the group that had caused this bill’s predecessor to be sent back for corrections. The bill is still a danger, but because it contains many provisions that were killed in SB 1376 & SB 1375 (above) we don’t expect it to make it through the Senate.


The Idaho House has already passed the Doug Okuniewicz Primary Voter Registration Disenfranchisement Bill, HB 439, which could affect your right to vote in the May primary. They are attempting to cut off Idahoans' ability to affiliate with a political party for the primary, which is on May 17. Historically, unaffiliated voters -- those who are registered but independent, which represents lots of Idaho voters -- could choose to affiliate with a party at the polls. This bill cuts of party affiliation on March 11, less than two weeks away and just three months before a critical primary election that will largely determine the makeup of the Legislature, all state offices and many local offices.

The Dorothy Moon Monster Voter Suppression Bill, HB692, which would make it harder for hundreds of thousands of Idahoans to vote, including Idahoans who are serving overseas in the military.

The Priscilla Giddings Voting Drop Box Removal Bill, HB693, which removes ballot drop boxes that county election offices use to make voting more accessible and convenient for Idahoans.

Don't let this happen. We have a chance to stop this bad bill in the Senate. Use the form below to send an email to YOUR Idaho legislators today.

You told lawmakers:

As an Idahoan, I am worried that thousands of my neighbors may be locked out of their party primary ballot with no notice.
I keep hearing about bills headed through the Legislature that will make it harder for me to vote in Idaho elections going forward. HB439, HB692 and HB693 all aim to restrict my right to vote. That’s unacceptable.
I want you to vote no on every single one, as they arise in your committees or on the floor.
Any bill that makes it harder for me to vote by removing drop boxes, making me bring a copy of my birth certificate to vote, changing voter registration deadlines, or making it impossible for people who are serving our country in the military to vote are wrong.
Any bill that makes it hard for me to vote, especially this close to an election, is a form of voter suppression and intimidation.
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