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Open letter to Idaho businesses: Thank you for your continued support of Boise Pride

Dear Idaho Businesses: The Idaho 97 Project urges you to stay strong in your support of Boise Pride this weekend in the face of spurious lies and attempts by extremist political groups to make money off of attacking gay people. When Dorothy Moon took over the Idaho GOP, we knew she was not above lying in order to impose her viewpoint – and tactics of her political sponsors in the IFF – on others. Dorothy is a known liar.

Moon, who has hijacked the Idaho Republican Party, is attacking LGBT kids at a Pride event in Boise and using the bullying tactics of the far-right to sow conflict in Idaho’s capital city. By spreading lies about the Pride event and threatening businesses, Moon and her cronies are stomping on Idahoans’ freedom of expression, treading on the rights of our LGBT friends and neighbors, and, frankly, fighting a losing battle: Companies like yours, big and small, across this great nation, have embraced the LGBT community for years – this is not controversial. Your support for Pride is an excellent community decision and an excellent business decision, and The Idaho 97 and our thousands of members across the state have your back.

Make no mistake: Moon/IFF supporters, already known for violence against the LGBT community, are even more angry because she is now lying to them about events at Pride for children.

This is dangerous for our community. After a group of people showed up in a Uhaul at the Coeur d’Alene Pride event ready to riot and hurt the LGBT community, this situation could not be more serious and dangerous.

Dustin Hurst from the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Sarah Clendenon from Health Freedom Idaho, two known conflict entrepreneurs, are spearheading this effort and urging people to call and harass Idaho businesses until they give in. Don’t give in.

Idaho’s business community should not give in to conflict entrepreneurialism. If the extremists are allowed to bully you into pulling sponsorships of Pride, they will take it as a sign that you believe their lies. Be proud of your support for our community!

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