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One more chance to stop Cole for Central District Health

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

UPDATE (8/30/21): We took down our letter writing tool to Elmore County Commissioners, but you can still send them a note today:

Elmore Commissioners: Bud Corbus, Crystal Rodgers, Al Hofer


SUBJECT: Oppose Cole for Central District Health Board


I am shocked that you are even considering Dr. Ryan Cole for the physician position on the Central District Health Board and urge you to vote no on Ada County's nominee. The Ada County Commission had two other highly reputable doctors in the running for the health board and numerous doctors in Ada County would do a wonderful job on CDH. Cole, on the other hand, will use the position to spread disinformation, endanger the public, and, apparently, to enrich himself and does not deserve to serve the public in this capacity.

Cole is linked to one of the nation’s most prolific spreaders of COVID misinformation, according to Business Insider (, spreads disinformation himself by calling the COVID vaccine “needle rape” and the “clot shot” (, and has recommended the use of an unapproved treatment for COVID against the advice of the FDA, NIH, and WHO (

What is most disturbing about your consideration of Cole is that he is clearly being dishonest and, for whatever reason, willing to risk my life and the lives of other citizens of Southwest Idaho. Even though he promotes vaccine skepticism in public, he and his family ARE FULLY VACCINATED (

We are currently in the midst of a new wave of COVID infections across Idaho. Please don’t make the problem even worse by allowing Dr. Cole to have any input into my community’s health and safety.

Block Cole's appointment to CDH and demand a better candidate from Ada County. Idaho deserves better.

Thank you for your service and for your consideration of public health needs for the county, the region, the nation and the world during this difficult time.


<Name>, <Location>


UPDATE: Boise and Valley counties have now cast their votes: Valley County bravely cast 2 votes against Cole. But Elmore commissioners still have questions... please keep sending them your letters!

It sounds crazy, but the Ada County Commission just voted 2-1 to approve a public health commissioner who has spread disinformation about COVID-19 and about vaccinations. Now the three other counties that are part of the Central District Health area have a chance to reverse this terrible decision.

Please write to your county commissioners in Elmore County letting them know that Ryan Cole is a terrible choice for the Central District Health board. Feel free to let them know that public health is really a regional concern — the 4 counties depend on one another to keep disease at bay, to monitor public health, and to ensure that Idahoans have factual, quality health information.

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