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Keep Idaho judges independent

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Tell Gov. Little: VETO HB 782

Use the simple form below to ask Gov. Little to protect Idaho’s independent courts and say no to HB 782!

This bill is how extremism takes over the judiciary in states, and this is how it will happen here. Parties with money and governmental influence will control future judicial appointments to the detriment of Idahoans, further reducing accountability in Idaho.

HB 782 makes changes to the Idaho Judicial Council that guides the judicial appointment process and addresses complaints against the judiciary. The Council was put in place in 1967 to ensure a nonpartisan election process.

HB 782 appears to be both punishment for the judiciary, which UPHELD OUR RIGHT TO CITIZEN INITIATIVES in the face of legislative overreach and is a COURT PACKING bill that destroys the co-equal branch of government cannon in our republic. It severely restricts the role of the Court and the Idaho State Bar in appointing members of the Council and expands the role of the governor and the Idaho Senate – ensuring a system of partisan appointments based on cronyism rather than qualifications.

The Legislature has passed this bill and we need you to write Gov. Little and tell him to VETO HB 782.

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