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Success: Freedom to Read in Idaho

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Update: HB 139 was held in committee on 3/1/23... thanks to the more than 1,000 of you who wrote to committee members to stop this bill!

Help us stop HB 139, a bill designed by extremists in the Idaho Legislature that would allow people to sue if they find books they don't like for their kids available in public libraries, including school libraries. This bill is a direct challenge to the democratic purpose of public libraries in America -- to provide free and open sources of information to all, and poses an extreme risk to Idaho libraries.

Let Idaho Read!

Use the tool below to email 10 members of the House Education Committee and the two sponsors of HB 139, requesting that this bill be taken off the table and shoved in a drawer.

Thanks to all the Idaho 97 supporters who wrote in on this bill... legislative tool for HB 139 successfully retired on 3/1/23:


Please customize this letter by telling legislators why you love your local library and librarians. Feel free to use some of the key points below as well!

  • Local libraries are wonderful, safe spaces for kids and families to learn together, to find essential local information and to gather as a community.

  • If local libraries are forced by unnecesary state regulations to defend against lawsuits like this, they will not be able to continue to serve the needs of local Idahoans.

  • This bill is government overreach, a violation of parents' rights, and an attack on the ability of libraries to provide access to information for all Idahoans, regardless of their values or beliefs.

  • This bill falsely implies that books about human sexuality and LGBTQ topics are in some way inappropriate, when in fact human sexuality and the human body have been central themes in literature and art since the beginning of time.


I am writing to urge you to make sure that HB 139 does not receive any more hearings at the Idaho Legislature this year. I see this bill as an unnecessary and irresponsible attack on our local libraries and librarians, places that are essential for Idaho communities and kids.

For me, this is simple: If you don't want your children to read a particular book (or view a particular website, TV show, movie, etc.) ... DON'T LET THEM. That means the state does not get to insert itself into our decisions as Idahoans and as parents.

This bill will lead to a violation of First Amendment rights by chilling free speech in libraries and schools across the state. I have seen some of the examples that supporters of this bill have brought forward and find them lacking credibility. I trust our local librarians and library board to make excellent decisions about books -- that is their job and they do it in an outstanding way.

Let's support our local libraries and schools, not threaten them with frivolous and harassing lawsuits. Please oppose HB 139 and vote no on this bill if it comes before your committee again.

Thank you for your service.

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