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2/28/23 #idleg Agenda Watch

POSTED BY Alicia Abbott

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the Senate shot down private school vouchers, yet there seems to be 3 new ones to watch in House Ed. No RS numbers, no bill numbers. Just discussion?

  • Crane (12) - ESA

  • Horman - Empowering Parents Expansion

  • Clow - Idaho Education Opportunity

Also happening in House Ed this morning is the hearing for H220. Rep. Shepherd is demanding that school athletic events accept cash. He knows the facilities they play sports in are falling apart right?

Hearing for H204 Rep. Alfieri wants the State Board of Education to be partisan elected positions.

Sign up for testimony on the agenda:

9AM MST Rep. Young is still fighting for those family members who want to deny all measures for preventing disease during a pandemic in House Health & Welfare. She’s introducing a NEW in-person visitation bill. Is this her 3rd try?

9AM MST House Revenue & Taxation will see the introduction of four new tax related bills as well as a hearing for H150. Get ready for a new formula for late charges and interest on those property taxes folks!!

9AM MST House State Affairs is on a roll! We’ve got four new bills coming, including another Abortion, Pregnant Minors RS from Rep. Barb Ehardt, School Board Elections RS from Rep. Pickett, Voting When Not Qualified RS from Rep. Hawkins.

Barb’s Free Speech #projectblitz bill H182 is getting a hearing too.

It’s a more average and calm day over in the Senate. Pretty normal legislation happening, approval of rules and gubernatorial appointments.

HOWEVER… Sen. Toews has a hearing for S 1099 at 3PM MST, which bans having discussions about sex, religion, abuse, politics, mental health without a permission slip in schools. This is another covert Christian nationalism bill that seeks to censor curriculum and conversations in classrooms. Sign up for testimony on the agenda:

Joint Finance and Appropriations is still setting budgets. Here’s the agenda today:

You can see the full House Committee Calendar here:

Full Senate Committee Calendar:

You can bookmark these links, they update everyday! #idpol #idleg

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