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You told Idaho legislators: Stop negotiating away our future

Hundreds of Idaho 97 supporters wrote thousands of letters to Idaho lawmakers between May 3-5, 2021, reminding them that the budgets they are passing have already been reduced this session because they listened to the wrong group and negotiated for the release of hostage budget bills.

Here's what you told them: 

I’m with the Idaho 97 Project and I want you to know, [recipient position will go here] [recipient last name will go here], that we see what you’re doing, we are paying very close attention, and we are not happy with what newspapers across the state agree is the “Worst. Session. Ever.”

Whatever way you voted and whatever you might have said on the floor or in committee, we see you holding higher education budgets hostage for illogical pet projects pushed by a few special interests steeped in conspiracy theory and disinformation that are DAMAGING our state and our children. We see you cutting higher education budgets by the millions — raising red flags for students, parents and Idaho employers. We see you DENYING parents a choice in early childhood education and INSULTING teachers in [submission:values:address:locality] and across  the state. [recipient position will go here] [recipient last name will go here], I’m not amused. 


Let’s get to the heart of the matter: You listened to the wrong group of people when you attacked social justice and teaching about race and racism. This is just the IFF’s way of getting to their ultimate goal of permanently ending all public education in Idaho. Think about what that would mean: all of our universities and public schools either shut down or converted to private institutions, private institutions that can discriminate against whomever they want or disregard the constitutional rights of students and educators. That’s not freedom. 

It’s time to stop negotiating with these guys. I want a vibrant and healthy early-childhood-through-higher-education system in Idaho and I expect you as my elected leader to deliver that. 

IFF can go start a private university if that’s what they want, and they can make all the classes into “debate club,” since that’s where they learned to argue a position without regard for truth or justice. But I’m not going to sit here quietly as they destroy institutions that have served this state and Idahoans for generations. 

You have a few more days to get these budgets passed and end this worst of legislative sessions with some shred of decency left. Do not let us down.

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