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Idaho parents value education. (Really, by like 74.5%*)

Hundreds of Idaho 97 supporters wrote thousands of letters to Idaho lawmakers between May 3-May 12, 2021, demanding they bring a $6 million early childhood education grant to a vote.

Here's what you told them: 

I am a concerned Idahoan.

I am hereby petitioning you to:


Approve ~$6 million in federal funding to go to early childhood education in Idaho through SB 1193. I don’t care what Rep. Charlie Shepherd thinks about women leaving their homes. This isn’t about women in the home, it’s about the economy, it’s about supporting working families. It’s time to pass this SB 1193.


I want Speaker Bedke to bring this bill to the floor and I want a vote. I pay a lot of federal taxes and I want this money for early childhood education in our state.


Don’t mess around. Get this bill to the floor and pass it today — support Idaho’s working families. If you agree, and I hope you do, please visit with Speaker Bedke, with Majority Caucus Chair Blanksma, and with Rep. Amador ASAP and let them know this bill enjoys WIDE support across the state (not to mention from our Congressional Delegation and former President Trump).


Give Idaho parents a choice. Give Idaho kids a chance.

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