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The Idaho 97 Project supports the democratic process in Idaho, counters disinformation and extremism through proactive, fact-based action and media messaging, and protects free expression and good governance for the public and public officials alike. 

The i97 story

The Idaho 97 Project, part of The Idaho 97 Education Fund, a 501c3 not-for-profit, is the first organization dedicated to disrupting and removing political power from the growing far-right extremist movement in Idaho. We have forced lawmakers, the media & average Idahoans to name extremism as a threat to our state and to put far-right actors on the defensive.


We are made up of thousands of Idahoans from all over the state from a wide variety of political and cultural backgrounds.

Meet The Team

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Nathaniel Hoffman

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Hoffman is president of The Idaho 97 Education Fund, director of communications and co-founder of The Idaho 97 Project.


Emily Walton

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Walton is secretary/treasurer of The Idaho 97 Education Project, program director and co-founder of The Idaho 97 Project.


Alicia Abbott

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Abbott is vice president of The Idaho 97 Education Fund and North Idaho organizer



Engaged more than 10,000 Idahoans to sign petitions, write to elected officials, vote in local and state elections, and stay informed on ways to defeat extremism in Idaho


Contacted over 40k voters before the May '22 Primary urging them to engage in the fight against extremism at the ballot box


Issued the most comprehensive voter guide in the state, exposing extremism and threats to voter access which resulted in a key win in the Secretary of State race


Defended public schools and higher education from years-long extremist campaigns to defund education in Idaho


Defended libraries and librarians from far-right attacks on first amendment rights in Idaho


Successfully supported broad coalition efforts to defeat the 2022 anti-trans bill in the Idaho legislature


Managed a coalition, including groups from across the political spectrum, to demand consequences for the doxxing of Jane Doe by Idaho legislators


Ignited successful campaign to stop appointment of a so-called “Constitutional Sheriff” in Ada County


Launched a successful new Idaho political podcast, covering extremism and its antidotes on a weekly basis


The Idaho 97 Education Project, a 501c3 organization, aka, The Idaho 97 Project or i97, is responsible for all content on this website.

Former Staff/Interns


Michael (Mike) Satz was the founding executive director of the Idaho 97 Project, LLC.

Hurija Mustafic was a summer 2021 intern and volunteer coordinator for The Idaho 97 project.


Mohammed Sufi was a summer 2021 intern and a digital coordinator for The Idaho 97 Project. 

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