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Image by Ryan Milrad

The Idaho 97 Voter Guide

Idaho 97 suggests: 

Lawrence Wasden

Attorney General


Lawrence Wasden understands the proper role of an AG. It's not to do what the legisalture tells him to do, and it's not to help them to figure out how to get away with breaking the law. It's about defending Idaho's constitution and laws, and the people of Idaho. This annoys extremists because they think the AG should put their politics before the constitution.

Red Flag/Opponent:
Raúl Labrador

Labrador, Wasden's main challenger and a former congressman (and claims to be a founder of the Congressional "freedom" caucus), is running to the extremist base, touting lawsuits challenging the 2020 presidential election and federal COVID mitigation efforts. He is on the record saying he would work with legislators best interests, rather than defending the Idaho Constitution and citizens rights.

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